How to Repair a Gnarly Binge

We all want to get a flat stomach fast, and sometimes life throws us in a situation where we end up eating a monstrous meal that’s straight from the devil’s kitchen. Maybe it was your birthday, or you met up with an old friend, or you just felt like dropping the reigns of dietary control for a night. It happens to all of us – I’m certainly no exception.

First, the good news. A high-calorie meal that’s replete with fat and carbs can boost hormones, such as leptin, that can elevate your metabolism. But this is only true if you’ve been following an effective diet leading up to the binge. And yes, short periods of overfeeding can help put your body in fat-burning mode, but the good news ends there. So I’ll tell you how to offset the damage from a late-night indulgence.

As soon as you wake up, take 2 grams of acetyl L-carnitine with 16 ounces of room temperature water since L-carnitine’s role is to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria where they can be burned. Then, perform 20-30 minutes of full-body intense cardio similar to this. After the workout take 8 branched-chain amino acids with a glass of room temperature water. Wait 20 minutes, then have two scoops of Sun Warrior protein powder.

Later in the day (afternoon or when you get home from work) repeat the intense cardio workout protocol with acetyl L-carnitine before and BCAAs and protein after.

Now your body is prepped to burn extra calories and fat. The key is to keep your metabolism running strong in order to maximize the hormonal boost that you got from the binge. It’s common to think that you should starve yourself the day after a binge, but that’s a bad idea since fasting puts your body in fat-storing mode quicker than anything. Since your metabolism is elevated, take advantage of it. So after your post-workout protein, wait 1-2 hours and have your first meal. From there, eat every 3 hours until bed. Importantly, you should only eat protein and vegetables – no more than 50 grams of carbs over the course of the day, and consume one gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. As an added bonus, mix one tablespoon of coconut oil in warm water, mix, and drink 15 minutes before three of your meals. Coconut oil improves gut health and it’s loaded with medium chain triglycerides, fatty acids that are great for weight loss.

Here’s the summary:

As soon as you wake up: 2 grams acetyl L-carnitine with 16 ounces of room temp water
15 minutes later: Intense full-body cardio workout (weights can be included)
Immediately after the workout: 8 BCAA capsules
20 minutes later: 2 scoops Sun Warrior protein
1-2 hours later (and every 3 hours after): mix 1 tablespoon coconut oil in warm water, wait 15 minutes, then have a meal of protein and green vegetables
Early evening: repeat the intense full-body workout with acetyl L-carnitine before and BCAAs/protein after

Obviously, these strategies work for fat loss, in general, but there are better ways to boost your metabolism and recover from intense workouts when you haven’t binged.

Stay focused,

12 thoughts on “How to Repair a Gnarly Binge

  1. Chad,
    Any suggestions on brands for the acetyl L-carnitine? And is that something you’d recommend during a fat loss phase, or just to save for occasions like this?

  2. Man, I wish i’d had this YEARS ago!

    I usually fast post binge, but don’t do any exercise as I pig out during saturdays and sundays are a rest day. Do you think it’s OK to just take the ACL and BCAA and no food until the evening?

  3. Hi Chad, I have 3 issues with this post. Not that I\\\’m questioning your expertise, of course. I merely want your opinion on these.

    1) You say to train 15min upon waking up. While I do engage in steady state cardio for 20-30min upon waking, it\\\’s usually a walk or run. However, by incorporating weights or strength training, won\\\’t we be placing excessive stress on our lumbar discs? Dr McGill advises us to exercise at least an hour upon waking up.

    2) I disagree with your premise that fasting put you in fat storing mode. People like Martin Berkhan and Brad Pilon do a good job dispelling that myth. They\\\’ve really got research that proves that fasting improves RMR, GH secretion and leptin levels as soon as you break the fast. It\\\’s good for gaining muscle as well as losing fat!

    3) Instead of protein shakes and BCAAs, why not have a couple of eggs or low fat protein, if you really need to consume something upon waking? They\\\’re the same thing. I personally don\\\’t like supplements and shakes, though I\\\’ve heard good things about BCAAs and fish oil capsules.

  4. Clement, here are the answers to your questions.

    1. Dr McGill is referring to weight lifting, not so much body weight cardio. I mean, you have to start moving as soon as you get up, and what I recommend isn’t strenuous on the spine. Furthermore, by the time you actually get around to the workout it might be close to an hour. Feel free to wait an hour if you want.

    2. Fasting helps people burn fat and build muscle? Hardly. Try it and see. With regard to GH secretion, it’s not as simple as you state. You know who has high levels of GH? Malnournished children from third-world countries. It’s true. Now, I think fasting can have its place, but not on a day when you’re training twice.

    3. Eggs and low fat protein absorb too slowly to maximize the immediate nutrient uptake your muscles are looking for post-workout.

  5. Nate, I think ALC is a great supplement, overall. It’s good for fat loss, and it’s been shown to upregulate testosterone receptors in your muscles. Any reputable brand will work. I’m currently using Jarrow.

  6. Chad
    great post, always wondered what is the best way to repair the body after the Sunday football binge, question though, is the ALC something to incorporate in your daily supplement regime? i heard lots about its increasing energy properties as well, any truth and would you take everyday?

  7. Chad, Thanks for the response.

    The rest of you guys – Listen to this man, he knows of what he speaks!

    I did Body of \fire whilst on a 3-5x a day, 3 week eating binge on holiday, when I was eating dessert at EVERY meal. I came back from holiday LEANER than i was at the beginning (which was about 13% so not fat). The programme is amazing and easily the best out there (trust me, i’ve bought and tried them all!). TRUE Story

    I used Huge in a Hurry and Muscle revolution to great effect as well. When people ask me in the gym for advice (mistakenly assuming i’m some sort of guru), I point them in the direction of Chad’s work. I mean- £10 for Huge in a Hurry in the UK is unbelievably cheap – I bought several copies for friends and family! Ditto for Body of Fire.

  8. I have read alot about ALC, other than the reason you mentioned above to use it, would you recommend taking it daily for increased energy and stamina?

  9. Hey Chad… First off I love your work! Altough I didn\\\\\\\’t binge, I do have a weekly cheat. I did this today along with the full body cardio you suggested… I loved it! My heartrate was through the roof, and I can already feel the effects of the boxing… I threw in some kettlebell swings with it.. I will defintely keep doing this! I love metabolic programs over standard cardio anyday!

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