How to Repair a Gnarly Binge

We all want to get a flat stomach fast, and sometimes life throws us in a situation where we end up eating a monstrous meal that’s straight from the devil’s kitchen. Maybe it was your birthday, or you met up with an old friend, or you just felt like dropping the reigns of dietary control for a night. It happens to all of us – I’m certainly no exception.
First, the good news. A high-calorie meal that’s replete with fat and carbs can boost hormones, such as leptin, that can elevate your metabolism. But this is only true if you’ve been following an effective diet leading up to the binge. And yes, short periods of overfeeding can help put your body in fat-burning mode, but the good news ends there. So I’ll tell you how to offset the damage from a late-night indulgence.
As soon as you wake up, take 2 grams of acetyl L-carnitine with 16 ounces of room temperature water since L-carnitine’s role is to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria where they can be burned. Then, perform 20-30 minutes of full-body intense cardio similar to this. After the workout take 8 branched-chain amino acids with a glass of room temperature water. Wait 20 minutes, then have two scoops of Sun Warrior protein powder.
Later in the day (afternoon or when you get home from work) repeat the intense cardio workout protocol with acetyl L-carnitine before and BCAAs and protein after.
Now your body is prepped to burn extra calories and fat. The key is to keep your metabolism running strong in order to maximize the hormonal boost that you got from the binge. It’s common to think that you should starve yourself the day after a binge, but that’s a bad idea since fasting puts your body in fat-storing mode quicker than anything. Since your metabolism is elevated, take advantage of it. So after your post-workout protein, wait 1-2 hours and have your first meal. From there, eat every 3 hours until bed. Importantly, you should only eat protein and vegetables – no more than 50 grams of carbs over the course of the day, and consume one gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. As an added bonus, mix one tablespoon of coconut oil in warm water, mix, and drink 15 minutes before three of your meals. Coconut oil improves gut health and it’s loaded with medium chain triglycerides, fatty acids that are great for weight loss.
Here’s the summary:
As soon as you wake up: 2 grams acetyl L-carnitine with 16 ounces of room temp water
15 minutes later: Intense full-body cardio workout (weights can be included)
Immediately after the workout: 8 BCAA capsules
20 minutes later: 2 scoops Sun Warrior protein
1-2 hours later (and every 3 hours after): mix 1 tablespoon coconut oil in warm water, wait 15 minutes, then have a meal of protein and green vegetables
Early evening: repeat the intense full-body workout with acetyl L-carnitine before and BCAAs/protein after
Obviously, these strategies work for fat loss, in general, but there are better ways to boost your metabolism and recover from intense workouts when you haven’t binged.
Stay focused,