How to Get Ripped with Food: A 7-Day Plan

You’ll never get ripped without changing your diet. It’s as simple as that. So what changes should you make? This is where you’ll get a million different answers. It seems that every week a new book, article, or diet comes out claiming there’s a better way to lose fat. But you know it’s the same ol’ B.S.

I can sum it up for you right now. The key to losing fat super fast and finally get the lean body you want hinges on vegetables.

Yuck. Vegetables. Who likes them, anyway? Not me. If I never had another one again it’d be too soon.

But vegetables are loaded with all the stuff you probably don’t get enough of such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients while being low in the stuff you probably are getting too much of: calories. Whenever a client needs to lose fat like yesterday, I put him/her on a diet that consists mainly of veggies. It not only works for them, it also always works for me.

And let me tell ya, it works fast!

However, like I mentioned, most people don’t like vegetables. So the question is: How bad do you want to lose fat? If you’re sick of feeling like your fat loss is going nowhere, it’s time to get focused and just do the vegetable thing. The good news is that you can eat any vegetables from the following list in any amount. Just eat until you’re full four times a day. After day 1, the diet will slightly shift toward protein sources.

Trust me when I say that this is one of the fastest, healthiest ways to boost fat burning to the max. It’s not easy, but it works incredibly well.

Vegetables to choose from: artichoke, asparagus, beets, bok choy, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, green beans, kale, mushrooms, okra, onions, peppers, spinach, squash, tomato. These can be eaten raw, steamed, or in a big salad drizzled with a little olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar.

DAY 1: At 8am, noon, 4pm, and 8pm eat as much of any vegetable as you want, in any combination. You don’t have to eat at those exact times, but spread out the four meals as evenly as possible. Drink 100 ounces of water.

DAYS 2-4: Eat vegetables at the same four times each day but add in 20 grams of protein from fish, chicken, lean beef, turkey, eggs or seafood at 8am and 4pm meals. This equates to 3-4 ounces of fish, chicken, lean beef, turkey, or seafood or 3-4 whole eggs at those two meals. Drink 100 ounces of water.

DAYS 5-7: At 8am, noon, 4pm, and 8pm eat vegetables in any combination and quantity and have 20 grams of protein (3-4 ounces) from fish, chicken, lean beef, turkey, seafood or 3-4 eggs at each meal. Drink 100 ounces of water.

What about supplements? For one week I recommend you avoid any of them, even after lifting weights. This should not be a week where you’re looking to achieve a new one-rep max in your lifts. Think of this as a detox program for your body and organs with the side-effect being rapid fat loss.

On the morning of day 1 take your weight and waist measurement (around your navel) and repeat those measurements on the morning of Day 8 – the day you return to your normal schedule.

I’m challenging you to do it for one week. Don’t worry about anything else. Just do this and post your results on this blog. Heck, take before/after pics and I might use them for a future blog.

The grass-fed whey can be used in place of the protein foods listed above. You can use 2 scoops of plain whey for each protein serving, and then you’ll have it for the rest of the month after you come off the 7-Day Plan.

Fast fat loss doesn’t have to be complicated. Give this 7-day plan a try and you’ll see how effective a simple plan can be to finally bring those cuts out of hiding.

Stay focused,

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142 thoughts on “How to Get Ripped with Food: A 7-Day Plan

  1. I just finished this 7 day program and all I have to say is wow. I mean WOW…. how I feel and the results were quite astonishing.

    Starting weight: 206
    Ending weight: 195
    lbs lost: 11
    Acid reflux: GONE. I can’t help but state that if you have gastrointestinal issues, please try this diet out. I was amazed at how good I felt during and after this was finished. I literally feel like I turned the clock back on my stomach by a good 10 years (I’m 39).

    I have no idea how much body fat I lost, but I can say that my upper abs are popping a bit. Before the diet, my stomach was smooth.

    During this program, I did not lift weights, but I did focus on walking at lunch and biking after work. While on the program, I did wake up alert and ready to hit the ground running; however, I found myself running out of energy if I really exerted myself. Normally I do a 8-10 mile sprint on my bike and by the 4-5 mile mark I would run out of gas and have to slow down my pace. At the very end of the program, I did find my energy levels coming back up, so maybe my body was getting used to this?

    Chad, I was thinking of modifying this diet for the long term. I follow your Huge in a Hurry programs and would like to know if the following modifications would work in conjunction with the programs:

    – Eat 4 vegetable meals at the same times each day w/ 30g of protein.
    – Have a 20-25g protein drink in between each meal.
    — Total protein should equal about 180g-195g —
    – Add in beans (Garbanzo, kidney, black), brown rice, yams/sweet potatoes at each meal for energy. How much would you recommend?
    – Keep the same water intake.

    How does that sound?


    CW: Excellent! That’s great to hear. Yes, I like your modified plan.

  2. Hey Chad,

    Is this protocol effective enough to be used instead of short term diets? I’m thinking of using it to cut any body fat that I add whilst completing Get Big.

    In fact I may start using it as a fat blitz every ten weeks or so whilst trying to add mass. How does that sound?

    Thanks for all your help mate 🙂

    CW: Sounds good. That’s what it’s for (to help you lose fat and improve gut health).

  3. If I get hungry between meals am I allowed to snack on vegetables?

    CW: Yes, you can eat veggies anytime.

  4. Hey Chad,
    Wondering if we could add Mrs. Dash seasoning on the vegetables?

    CW: A little is fine.

  5. Chad,

    I was wondering if it was ok to use any form of seasoning on the protein we eat for this diet. Can we stir fry, bake, boil, steam?

    Also, is corn an acceptable vegetable for this diet?

    CW: Yes, you can lightly season the protein. Corn is not ideal, but it’s not the worst. Try to stick to the list.

  6. Hi Chad, just one question, is there any problem if I use an extremley low fat meats as protein sorces, I mean things like tuna , rabbit and chicken breast (as far as I know those meats are 20%+ protein 5%- fat).

    CW: It’s better to use higher fat sources since the overall plan has virtually none in it.

  7. Hi,

    since coffee isn’t recommended, is it ok to consume 1 5-hour energy?

    CW: One cup of black coffee is fine, and better than that stuff.

  8. Hi, I am going to try this diet and make it long term but I was wondering after a while with no carbs wont your body start eating muscle for energy? And if so would the best time to add in a little bit of carbs if needed would be mainly in morning.

    CW: This is not a long term diet, it should only be performed for 7 days. From there, switch to the Warrior Diet or the Anti-Estrogenic Diet by Ori Hofmekler.

  9. How do you recommend coming off the detox? I lost 10 pounds (5’8 went from 148 to 138) and I’m dying for carbs, but don’t want to gain it all back. How do I reintroduce things so I don’t damage my body again?

    CW: Reintroduce carbs slowly, about 50g per day from white rice or yams. They are easiest for the body to assimilate.

  10. Would you suggest this diet while bodybuilding? I’m on a strict diet prior to vacation, currently 210 lbs / 9% BF. Seems like this might be a good final week diet to really lean out as much as possible. Would you make any alterations – protein increases etc?

    Thanks for your input Chad.

    CW: Yes, this can help with bodybuilders. I had a fitness model contact me to say she always does it the week before a photo shoot. I wouldn’t change anything.

  11. Hi Chad,
    A friend recommended me to follow this diet to lose weight. Presently I can’t work out because I hurt my leg. Is this diet just for those that are very active? Can I expect similar results without working out? Also is there a way of incorporating some fruit such as apples and watermelon? I will really appreciate your advice.

    CW: Actually, this diet works best with minimal exercise since it’s more of a fast. The fact that you can’t exercise much is a good thing for this week journey. An apple or some watermelon each day won’t hurt.

  12. Is it OK to make a soup with all the vegetables, can I add fat free low sodium chicken or vegetable broth?
    Thanks for your help!

    CW: No because heating the vegetables kills all the good enzymes.

  13. Just underway and very excited! Just a little confused about cooking processes, though. Can I roast and saute’ the vegetables in a little bit of EVOO? And what about different greens like swiss chard, collards, etc. are they ok? Thanks!

    CW: The vegetables should be raw so you can get all the enzymes that boost your health.

  14. Can I mix BCAA’s with the water I’m drinking in between meals?
    Does it matter in which two meals I add the protein?
    Thank you!

    CW: Yes, adding BCAAs is fine. It doesn’t matter which two meals you have protein, just spread it out as much as possible.

  15. Two questions Chad. One, why do you recommend such a low (seemingly inadequately low on some days) level of protein? And what difference does it make how much coffee you drink?

    CW: This is a semi-fast, it’s not about providing all the nutrients you need for building and repair. That’s why strength training isn’t advised during this period. If it had plenty of protein it wouldn’t be a semi-fast. The goal is to give your organs a break, reduce inflammation, and set your GI tract to assimilate more nutrients (protein being one of them) when you revert back to normal eating. It’s recommended to follow the Warrior Diet after this 7-day semi-fast.

    Coffee is acidic and can cause GI distress in many people. Adding acidic substances during this week works against you. No more than one cup per day.

  16. What do you mean about vegetable enzymes, and why is it important in your view?

    Generally speaking, an enzyme is a molecule (typically a protein) that acts as a catalyst to accelerate a specific biochemical reaction, such as breaking down proteins into amino acids, or reducing a starch into it’s constituent glucose molecules. Since cooking achieves the same end much more effectively, so much so that in comparison non-cooked food is rather difficult to digest and assimilate, doesn’t the concern over enzymes seem rather… I don’t know; irrelevant? Or is this business of eating raw vegetables just anotherway to further caloric restriction? Also, why not up the amount of protein to prevent muscle loss?

    CW: I’m referring to the natural enzymes in foods that improve gut health and reduce inflammation. “The Enzyme Factor” by Dr. Hiromi Shinya is a great reference. Now, I’m not one of those “eat only raw foods because they’re alive” guys. However, for this semi-fast I prefer raw vegetables. Cooking makes them easier on the gut, but they destroy many of the enzymes.

    You’re right, many raw foods such as broccoli and cauliflower are difficult for people to digest. Anything that causes gas/bloating should not be used on this plan. Other vegetables such as spinach, celery, carrots, and radish are often easy for people to tolerate in raw form.

    If I prescribed higher levels of protein this wouldn’t be a 7-day semi-fast. The purpose is to give the organs a break, reduce inflammation, and restore gut health. Also, you’ll assimilate more protein after having low levels of it. From my perspective, the key to longevity is to increase assimilation. That allows you to eat less and utilize more. A guy who crams 250 grams of protein in his gut might only assimilate half of it. Why not set the body up to assimilate all of it and get the same results with 125 grams per day?

    Whenever I take guys off protein powder and have them eat only whole food protein sources, they never lose muscle, even though their gram intake might be 30% less. This tells me much of the protein powder and other foods they consume aren’t being assimilated because of GI stress.

  17. hi just woundering if lettuce and sweet potato is fine during this phase?

    CW: They’re fine, but not ideal. Lettuce is mostly water. A sweet potato is mostly carbs. In either case, they don’t contain much of anything else such as the phytochemicals that reduce inflammation. Try to stick with the foods on the main list.

  18. I suppose you’re presenting something like a modified, protein sparing modified fast (ie PSMF), then? And the brevity of the fast precludes the need for higher protein levels? I use the PSMF as my point of reference, so you know where I’m coming from.

    The deal with the enzymes still isn’t clear to me. I appreciate that you’re not a gonzo raw food guy, but is there any hard evidence non-endogenous enzymes stand any chance in the presence of stomach acid? I’d expect they’ll be rapidly degraded, and reduced in effectiveness at the very least. Consider papain, for instance. Papaya enzymes are exceptionally effective at breaking down proteins. But at a pH of around 2 (easily in the stomach acid range), the activity of papain is dramatically reduced.

    I was under the assumption restoring gut health had more to do with encouraging a healthy populating of gut flora. Are these various enzymes involved here, somehow?

    Were the guys you took off protein power maybe already consuming enough protein, anyway? That seems to be a more direct and easily tested explanation than assimilation being impacted by GI stress (such as the relative few with celiac disease, for instance, where this is a certain problem)

    CW: You’re correct with regard to considering the acidic environment of the stomach. That’s why I prefer enteric-coated enzymes which can withstand the acidic stomach acids from AST

  19. I’m interested as to whether any people who tried this fast noticed any regain of weight after they added other foods (I’m talking fruits and fats, not french fries and pizza) back in.

    CW: The best way to avoid a rebound weight gain is to follow the Warrior Diet after the semi-fast.

  20. I’m interested in trying this plan because it seems I have hit a plateau on my current diet and I would like to see if I could kick-start my weight loss again before school starts in the coming weeks. I am currently on the Slow Carb Diet advocated by Tim Ferriss, which includes a cheat day every 5-14 days. My last cheat day was on August 3rd, 5 days ago. Because I am planning to start your 7 day plan tomorrow, I was wondering if you would advise me to continue with my normal slow carb meal tonight or to have a sort of cheat meat before starting your plan to prevent my body from going into a sort of ‘starvation mode.’ What would you advise? Of course I would like to get the most weight loss out of the next seven days as possible so please let me know if you think a cheat meal would only hinder my progress as it may take away some of the fat burning power out of your plan to instead work on taking off the cheat meal weight/water retention before getting to the real weight loss. I am eager to hear your opinion! Thanks in advance!

    CW: It’s best to start this plan after a big cheat meal the night before.

  21. Can we not lightly sauté, grill or bake the veggies and meats just to to take the edge off a bit? Also with eggs? Are they cooked or raw?? :s clarification will be appreciated

    CW: Yes, you can lightly saute or grill or bake. Eggs are cooked. Raw eggs aren’t completely digested.

  22. Just finished this yesterday — 10 pounds down and .5 inch off of my waist. Nice! This got me past a persistent plateau, and reinforced mindful eating habits. This was really hard, but the results were worth it. May do this every 8-12 weeks or so. Thanks!

  23. I actually read every single posting here to get true expectations for this detox. I feel I got the same amazing results as many others.

    I lost just over 9 lbs (from 193.2-184), losing 3/4″ (from 37.5-36.75″) around the waist. The numbers on the scale just would not stop falling, I’m for real.

    I wanted to try this out before I began “Get Big” so I did the diet during my last week of “Get Ready.” Honestly, I didn’t feel I lost any intensity, I was still banging out reps and sweating profusely like normal, getting that good workout feeling. I thought I might be weaker or get tired more easily but none of that occurred. In addition to the gym, I just felt great overall. My calories were between 500-700 a day! I never thought I could live with such a low caloric intake but I felt completely fine, not hungry at all. I noticed my gas was almost nill during this week too. Bottom line, it’s only a week. Just do what the plan tells you to do and you’ll be fine- actually you’ll feel great. Now I have a fondness for veggies that I didn’t before, I like snacking on them all the time. I even wake up early now to get to the Farmer’s Market.

    Chad, I was curious. Do you think it would be a good idea to do this diet on the “Unloading” weeks between “Get Big” phases? I’m worried about increasing my carbs to gain size and feel this would regulate any fat gain.

    CW: Yes, this is ideal for the unloading week. But don’t do the fast more than once every 8 weeks.

  24. I like this style of eating, very clean, very simple. It’s especially great for me since I tend to bloat at the mere sight of bread or any grains for that matter (except for rice for some reason). My only concern is with recovery in between my CrossFit workouts. I was going to try adding 10 oz of chocolate milk post workout. What are your thoughts on that? Some people seem to swear by it, others condemn it. My goal is fat loss, but right now I can only recover enough to workout 2 or 3 days a week. I would like to move on to 4 or 5 days a week.

    CW: Think of this as a fast. No hard training, whatsoever. CF is way too demanding to perform with this fasting phase. You’ll need to cut back all weight training for the week you do this. Chocolate milk post workout is fine. No reason to swear by it since there’s nothing magical. But it gets the job done.

  25. Can you eat peas? or do they not have the right nutrients?

    CW: Yes, it’s a vegetable and any vegetable will work.

  26. Hey I want to get cut but not lose weight. Is this diet appropriate for that because it seems everyone is losing weight? I dont want to lose weight because Im already pretty skinny, I just want to get more cut. Im 5’7 148

    CW: Well, you can try it for a few days and see. You will lose weight, though. However, “getting cut” means you need to lose fat – hence, weight.

  27. Hi Chad, first of all thanks for all the great info you share.

    I’m an athletic ectomorph. I’m on day 5 of the plan and I definitely am losing weight, however not necessarily the right kind.

    I weigh myself most mornings upon awakening, right after having emptied my bladder, with an electrical impedance scale. I know the results aren’t 100% accurate, but in my five years of using it, I’ve found it correlates quite well with skinfold measures, especially regarding evaluating if I’m losing or gaining fat.

    So, five days into the plan, I’ve lost 5.4 lbs, divided as follows: 3.54 lbs of lean mass and 1.86 lbs of fat.

    I know that due to my body type, it’s harder for me to hold on to muscle, but this kind of makes me want to bail.

    In my experience, it’s hard to add strictly muscle and it’s hard to lose strictly fat. I know this is normal, but for now I’d like to at least flip my numbers.

    Any suggestions?


    CW: Results will differ with everyone. Keep in mind, this is more for detox/organ health than fat loss, as I mentioned in the post. If you have a super fast metabolism your body can use muscle for energy on this plan. However, you’ll get a great muscle rebound gain when you go back to eating normally after 7 days.

  28. Hey, may i know if eating full fruits is possible? Coz i couldnt find much veggies that i dare to eat raw.

    CW: You can steam the veggies. Apples or fresh berries is the next best option.

  29. Hi Chad, would you recommend using this 7 day semi-fast prior to starting Body of FIRE? Also, how much protein do you believe is enough?

    CW: Yes, this plan is good for anyone who’s about to embark on a training plan. How much protein? Depends on a myriad of factors. If you eat multiple times per day, one gram per pound of lean body mass is ideal.

  30. Hey Chad – I lost 7lbs! But I am confused about measuring body fat %. There is no doubt I’m tightening my belt based on where my pants sit on me, but when I use any body fat calculator site it asks for my waist and weight. Before I was 188 and 36inches = 21%. Now I am 181 and 35.5 inches = 21%. Does this mean I’m losing all muscle? But also I notice I need a smaller size pants. I’m confused about my results? If you plug in Tre’s results (the september 12th post), its the same, he lost 9lbs but no body fat %.

    I feel great, but again, confused! thanks!

    CW: If your waist is shrinking you’re losing fat.

  31. Hi Chad,

    I just came across this one and find it very interesting, I’m planning to start it but I’m confuse. During day 2-4 am I suppose to eat 3-4 oz of protein?

    CW: Yes, at 8am and 4pm.

  32. Great resource Chad & I like the way you take the time to comment on all the questions. Very professional.

    I’ve done 5hr fasting for a few years on & off and it has worked wonders. I’m going to step it up to the warrior diet & use this to kickstart it.

  33. Can the eggs be cooked as an omlettee with the veggies or do they have to be hard boiled eggs?

    CW: Either is fine.

  34. Are you able to drink warm lemon water in the mornings with this diet?

    CW: Yes, that’s an excellent way to detox your liver.

  35. CW: No, strenuous activity during that week isn’t a good idea. But if you go light with the kickboxing, you should be fine.

  36. It’s 2018 and this is still the best weight loss plan ever! I did it in 2013 and 2016 while in and out of the Navy and I lost an average of 14 pounds in 7 days! I even had my Starbucks coffee (no sugar, just half and half) and sometimes didn’t have the most healthy of meats but one day treated myself to filet mignon and ahi tuna because I was doing well and actually saving a lot of money on the diet!

    Going to do it with my family will post results but for a real result map (photos everyday) checkout my insta @brandonmoves and scroll down you’ll see what I ate and what I saved and how much I lost (spoiler alert: 14lbs)

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