It’s probably no surprise that I get a lot of emails every week. A lot. Generally speaking, the questions fall under two categories.
1. How to design a program to fit the person’s goal.
2. How to design a program to fit the person’s goal.
When I say “program,” I’m not simply referring to sets and reps because those variables don’t constitute a program. A “program” is the complete package: strength training, nutrition, mobility work, and energy systems training. Miss any one of those and it ain’t a complete program.
The problem, if I can be so blunt, is that many of the people who send me program design questions haven’t read my book, Muscle Revolution. And given that I can’t address all program design elements in every email (unless I sold my bed and replaced it with an office chair and computer) it’s nearly impossible to give answers that will make a significant impact and get you closer to your goals.
The good news is that for around $40 you can gain a lifetime worth of program design knowledge. My goal is to empower you.
All you need to do is click here.
Stay Focused,