How to Build Explosive Muscle

In order to quickly build the right type of muscle that will make you a stronger and more explosive athlete, you must recruit the fast-fatigable (FF) motor units. These FF motor units aren’t easy to train since you must lift with enough load or speed to bring them into play. But once you learn how to train and fatigue the FF motor units, your body and performance will reach a new level. I outline the best ways to recruit the FF motor units in Huge in a Hurry.
Another element that’s essential for any power athlete is strong lats. When you build the strength of the lats with high-tension rings exercises such as the front lever, muscle-up, and iron cross, you will not only showcase a more impressive physique but you’ll also run faster, jump higher, and punch harder since all those athletic moves require the lats to contract with maximum force. The best rings out there are only $83 and you can get them at CFF-FIT.
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