How to Get Ripped with Food: A 7-Day Plan

You’ll never get ripped without changing your diet. It’s as simple as that. So what changes should you make? This is where you’ll get a million different answers. It seems that every week a new book, article, or diet comes out claiming there’s a better way to lose fat. But you know it’s the same ol’ B.S.

I can sum it up for you right now. The key to losing fat super fast and finally get the lean body you want hinges on vegetables.

Yuck. Vegetables. Who likes them, anyway? Not me. If I never had another one again it’d be too soon.

But vegetables are loaded with all the stuff you probably don’t get enough of such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients while being low in the stuff you probably are getting too much of: calories. Whenever a client needs to lose fat like yesterday, I put him/her on a diet that consists mainly of veggies. It not only works for them, it also always works for me.

And let me tell ya, it works fast!

However, like I mentioned, most people don’t like vegetables. So the question is: How bad do you want to lose fat? If you’re sick of feeling like your fat loss is going nowhere, it’s time to get focused and just do the vegetable thing. The good news is that you can eat any vegetables from the following list in any amount. Just eat until you’re full four times a day. After day 1, the diet will slightly shift toward protein sources.

Trust me when I say that this is one of the fastest, healthiest ways to boost fat burning to the max. It’s not easy, but it works incredibly well.

Vegetables to choose from: artichoke, asparagus, beets, bok choy, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, green beans, kale, mushrooms, okra, onions, peppers, spinach, squash, tomato. These can be eaten raw, steamed, or in a big salad drizzled with a little olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar.

DAY 1: At 8am, noon, 4pm, and 8pm eat as much of any vegetable as you want, in any combination. You don’t have to eat at those exact times, but spread out the four meals as evenly as possible. Drink 100 ounces of water.

DAYS 2-4: Eat vegetables at the same four times each day but add in 20 grams of protein from fish, chicken, lean beef, turkey, eggs or seafood at 8am and 4pm meals. This equates to 3-4 ounces of fish, chicken, lean beef, turkey, or seafood or 3-4 whole eggs at those two meals. Drink 100 ounces of water.

DAYS 5-7: At 8am, noon, 4pm, and 8pm eat vegetables in any combination and quantity and have 20 grams of protein (3-4 ounces) from fish, chicken, lean beef, turkey, seafood or 3-4 eggs at each meal. Drink 100 ounces of water.

What about supplements? For one week I recommend you avoid any of them, even after lifting weights. This should not be a week where you’re looking to achieve a new one-rep max in your lifts. Think of this as a detox program for your body and organs with the side-effect being rapid fat loss.

On the morning of day 1 take your weight and waist measurement (around your navel) and repeat those measurements on the morning of Day 8 – the day you return to your normal schedule.

I’m challenging you to do it for one week. Don’t worry about anything else. Just do this and post your results on this blog. Heck, take before/after pics and I might use them for a future blog.

The grass-fed whey can be used in place of the protein foods listed above. You can use 2 scoops of plain whey for each protein serving, and then you’ll have it for the rest of the month after you come off the 7-Day Plan.

Fast fat loss doesn’t have to be complicated. Give this 7-day plan a try and you’ll see how effective a simple plan can be to finally bring those cuts out of hiding.

Stay focused,

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142 thoughts on “How to Get Ripped with Food: A 7-Day Plan

  1. Hi Chad,
    Would this diet work for boxing? As I train 5- 6 days a week with intense sparring/sprints/circuit workouts. I can’t really change the way I train either because I am part of a boxing team and my coach is in charge of club training. I was thinking about it for losing weight for my next bout.

    CW: You need more nutritional support for intense, frequent training. It’s best to do this plan during a time when your training can be less intense for a week.

  2. Hi all,

    My results after a week of this diet:
    Weight: Decreased from 82.2 kg (181.2 lbs) to 78.8 kg (173.7 lbs), total decrease of 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs).
    Waist: Decreased from 80 cm (31.5 inches) to 78 cm (30.7 inches), total decrease of 2 cm (0.8 inches).

    Furthermore, this was after I had been on the BOF diet for two weeks, so it was not as if I was drastically changing my diet from some sort of a bulk.

    Mood/Mentally/Hunger: Was good throughout, except after workouts. Then I felt pretty drained physically and mentally, really missing my post workout shake.

    Performance: Decreased after the last first couple of days, especially in intense training sessions (which is what I followed). 20RM squats was pure hell, but 6-12RM work was ok.

    Other: Felt like I needed less sleep, I started waking up half an hour before my alarm clock. Also, about halfway in, I started feeling more cold than before (and I am never cold). Skin was more dry than usual.

    In conclusion: Will definitely do it again! Was altogether a good experience, and although I lost a lot of weight, I also ate huge portions of veggies – so big that I wasn’t sure I was doing it correctly. Typically ate 2 meals cold (raw), 2 meals hot (in a wok) throughout the day. This led me to being as ripped as I’ve ever been, about 7% bf. Next time I do it, it will be easier since I know what to expect – but IMO it’s also a lot easier to do this for one week than doing another fat loss diet for three weeks. It saves time that could be better spent otherwise!

    Thanks Chad for another great tool!!


    CW: Great job!

  3. As far as working out on this diet if i did a workout on day 1 am I still only going to eat vegatable for my post workout nutrition?

    CW: Yes, this is a fat loss/detox plan. No post workout nutrition. Remember, this fat loss plan won’t help you lift more weight or gain muscle. It’s about making your body feel/look better. After a week get back to your post workout nutrition.

  4. I am 3 days into the diet. I like it but is it normal to feel tired and lacking energy? I also have noticed that I have not had a bowel movement in the last couple days is that normal on this diet?

    CW: A lack of energy at first is normal. For GI health, eat more fiber and drink more water with it. A big bowl of broccoli with two full glasses of water should do the trick. You could also supplement with FiberChoice capsules with each meal.

  5. Okay first off I really enjoyed this diet, it forced me to eat my veggies on a consistent basis. I went from once a day to 4 times a day, which for me is remarkable considering my veggie aversion. lol Overall energy was great except on training times where I felt somewhat gassed at times.

    Now the results are as follows 7 lbs. of weight loss with almost 3-inches off the waist! I will continue with this diet but will add pre and post workout supplementation only. Do you have
    any suggestion for natural carbs (fruit) a person can use for this purpose?

    I remember an article in T-Nation by Clay Hyght, “3 Tricks for Faster Fat Loss”. Trick #3 covers carb sources with Glucose being what we need to replenish glycogen, specifically muscle glycogen. Since a majority of fruit have a combination of both glucose & fructose, unfortunately fructose being the majority in most of them. What would you suggest as a good source other than bananas (mentioned in the article)? Or I could be splitting hairs here? lol
    Thanks again for your help?

    CW: Great work! The best post-workout carb source is raisins. Have 1/2 cup of organic raisins with a scoop of protein post-workout. For pre-workout, one scoop of protein powder is sufficient (no carbs).

  6. Hey Chad, I’m vegetarian and am just wondering if tempeh is ok to use as one of my protein sources?

    CW: Yes, that’s fine since you’re a vegetarian.

  7. hey chad. gonna try this next week when i am home from university.
    what is your basic philosophy for eating togain mass (for someone who is not near their genetic potential). high carbs high protein, eat all day?
    thanks in advance

    CW: Pick up a copy of Huge in a Hurry. All the “eat to gain” nutrition info is in there.

  8. Chad,

    What is a good plan to follow after completing this diet for one week if I am not where I want to be? Is it ok to continue this diet for more than a week?

    CW: Since this diet is very low calories, I recommend you do it no more than once per month. Next week, focus on lean protein sources at breakfast/lunch/dinner and eat plenty of veggies with each meal. In between meals snack on raw veggies. Take fish oil and drink plenty of water and you’ll continue to lose fat.

  9. Thank you Chad! In 7 days I lost about 14 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. I went from around 255 to 240.

    CW: Wow, great work! Did you take any before/after pics?

  10. Chad I normally workout about 6:00 am and before I do I have a bowl of oatmeal and a protein shake to help fuel me. During the 7 day plan can I have vegetables before that morning workout or do I do it on an empty stomach?

    CW: You can have vegetables.

  11. I have a couple questions.

    1. What do you recommend after a work out.
    2. I am 16 can I still use this.
    3 Can you eat less then four times a day.

    Thanks Again

    CW: Nothing after a workout. Again, you shouldn’t lift heavy or do anything too intense this week. I see no reason why a 16 year-old can’t do this. Eat four times per day, and drink plenty of water.

  12. Just shy of 10 pounds (238.6 to 229), 1.75 inches off the waist. That’s the most I’ve lost on both metrics in a week! No pics, sorry. Did it during the second unloading week of Get Big in HIAH. My joints feel much better, I think more from the veggies, rather than the reduced workload (i.e. reduced systemic inflammation). I noticed a similar feeling doing BOF last fall.

    I’ll definitely keep this diet in mind the next time I start working on fat loss, using it here and there when I stall. Doing this made me a little more mindful of what I’ve been eating and made me reassess what I was doing for Get Big. Turns out I wasn’t doing the best I could. Phase 3 should be awesome.

    Thanks for sharing this, Chad!

    CW: Great Jason! Happy to help.

  13. I am going to change my answer a little. I have finished the 7 days and the last couple days have made a pretty big difference. I feel like I have dropped a little more bodyfat. I have not done a waist circumference yet today but things are definately better. My question now is what diet do you follow through with so you dont lose all your results from the 7 day plan? Is it okay to throw in some carbs? Fruit? Rice? pasta? Thanks again Chad I feel great after doing that plan.

    CW: Glad you stuck with it. Adding carbs is tricky. You’ll want to add them on the days when you do the most exercise. Raisins post workout are great. And you can’t go wrong with yams/sweet potatoes. Keep carbs low (eat veggies) on other days.

  14. Just finished this diet… It was tough at times but it was worth it. I’ll open with my stats… Starting: 87.2kg , 34′ around naval. Finish: 82.4kg, 32′ 3/8 naval. Great Results. From day 3 I started to see some results. My energy levels were hit and miss so my workouts were medium weight basic compound exercises at around 10-15 reps (just so I didn’t feel lazy). I also did my ab routine (ab ripper x) 3 times during this diet. ( I dont do P90x just ab ripperx). I am not a serious lifter- My stats are Squat: 125kg (5 x 5), Bench: 90kg (3 x 5), Deadlift: 130kg x 5, Press: 70kg 3×5. I was trying to lose some fat just to see what I looked like and also to try the diet so I could do it again when I needed to shed some pounds fast. What I like about the diet is its simplicity- no crazy recipes involving stuff I’d never eat or food that I’ve never heard of. Just EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!!! Great Diet – Good stuff Chad… I’m starting HIAH this week.. I got a free poster in Men’s Health with one of your similar workouts on it and I love how the exercise and reps switch up so nothing goes stale. Thanks Man

    CW: Great job!

  15. I started yesterday weighing 77.8kg, today I weigh 76.6kg.
    I’ll post again on day 8.



  16. I started this 7 day program today. I am wondering if you would reccommend anything different for women. Thanks for posting.

    CW: No changes for females.

  17. What about black beans can i eat them as much as i want?

    CW: Don’t eat a lot, but you can have them once or twice a day (normal serving size).

  18. Chad, If I am lifting 3 days a week and doing cardio for 3 other days with 1 day of rest can or should I add any carbs after any of the workouts? I am thinking about doing this diet one week on then one week off for a while as I have a lot of weight to lose. After that I need to implement a lifestyle change of eating habits etc. I used to be very athletic and want to get back into shape. Thanks for your time…

    CW: Do this plan as stated without adding carbs. Again, this week isn’t about training hard, it’s about losing fat and gaining health. After 7 days you can put carbs and normal food back into your plan. My book Huge in a Hurry has a great diet for fat loss, and Body of FIRE is even better.

  19. Hey, Chad.

    When you say no supplements, does that include things like fish oil? Just making sure. Thanks for the all the great ideas!

    CW: No supplements. If you really want to keep fish oil in your plan it won’t hurt.

  20. Just started the 7 day program this morning! Going to be tough as im not a vegetable lover! Starting measurements: 196.5lbs and 37″ around the naval! I’ll check in one week from today with my results!

  21. Hey Chad,
    I fear of losing muscle on this 7 day plan. I am 190 lbs at 13.3%bf
    I have been dieting for last 3 months and went down from 218 to 190.

    CW: If your primary goal is fat loss, do the plan. If you think you’re losing too much muscle, stop. But that hasn’t been a problem.

  22. Chad,

    I love the article (as always)!

    I’ve been following Thib’s “Refined Physique Transformation” program for the last month, which has me eating 45p/10c/45f (I’m usually in ketosis as a result).

    Would you advise doing your 7-day plan during Thib’s program, or should I wait until I’m done with his?

    I won’t worry about ketosis during the week as you said above, but will my body easily go back to using ketones after a week without much dietary fat? I don’t want to have to “retrain” my body if at all possible.


    CW: Wait until you’re finished. Give your body a break from hardcore dieting for a few weeks, then try my plan.

  23. Hi, I am wondering if you can eat any form of fruit with this diet?

    Thanks G

    CW: I prefer berries only to reduce the insulin response.

  24. Hi Chad,

    Kind of a dopey question, but, why these veggies in particular?

    Thank you

    CW: Not a dumb question. Any veggie will work. I just mention these because they’re what I’ve used, and they’re less esoteric (easier to find) than some other veggies.

  25. Well after 7 days I weighed in at 75.2kg from 77.8kg. I was very lean but I had a cold (I almost never get a cold) and I had lost some strength.

    So pros and cons.

    Pros. very fast fat loss, forced me to eat more veggies, relatively easy to stick to.

    Cons. Some strength loss and in my case I also got a cold (could be coincidence or lack of protein).

    Bottom line: eat more veggies.


    CW: Good work overall. Your strength will bounce back fast and that cold will be gone before you know it.

  26. Hi,
    Aren’t you losing too much muscle when on this diet?
    Also, how can you cook the protein sources? Is it ok to make e.g. scrambled eggs? Is it ok to use salt and spices on the meats?
    Sounds like a good diet, tough, but good.
    Thanks for the answers.

    CW: You’d be surprised how little muscle you lose once you drastically reduce inflammation in your body by eating more veggies. I put a huge guy (250 pounds of muscle) on this plan for 5 days and he lost virtually no muscle. If you do lose any muscle, you’ll gain it right back. The focus of this plan is to burn fat, detox your body, and give your organs a break.
    Cook the protein sources however you prefer. A little sea salt and spices are fine.

  27. A commenter on my blog pointed me to this post. Thanks for the information; I am definitely intrigued.

    Are there any guidelines for preparing the vegatables? Must they be steamed or raw? Is sauteeing in butter or olive oil out? I suppose a big dollop of nuclear yellow cheese sauce on top is a no-no, right? 😉

    Also, besides water, is coffee or tea ok? Kombucha?

    I’m making my plans to try this and want to do it right.


    CW: Raw or steamed is best (with raw being the better choice). A tad of olive oil is ok if someone can’t choke down veggies. No cheese.

    People do best with just water and green tea. One cup of black coffee is permitted if absolutely necessary but it’s not recommended because coffee is acidic.

  28. Hi Chad,

    I’m on day 4 of this diet, and it seems to be working, maybe too well!
    I started the diet at at a morning weight of 147.8, and according to this morning’s weighing, have lost 4.2 lbs since then and 6.8 lbs overall in the past 7 days.

    Now, before freaking out at why anyone at 147 would even consider LOSING weight – I was on a bulking routine (at least attempting one anyway) and had brought myself up from 130 to around 150. The problem was I’m ~5’9″ and yet had a 36″ gut. Not cool. Being tired of that central adiposity and wanting to restart a bulking program from a better foundation is why I decided to try this.

    I’m enjoying the abundance of vitamins and minerals from the veggies and the metabolic stability of being in ketosis (I checked with a Ketostick), but is there a danger of staying like this too long or losing too much weight too fast? Also, do you have a recommendation for re-entering a bulking program and gaining weight more efficiently?


    CW: Great work. Don’t stay on this for more than a week. Then start following the Warrior Diet.

  29. Have been on the slow carb diet (including use of the PAGG stack) for 80 days. On average I’ve been losing 0.38 pounds a day on it. I got myself down to the low teens for body fat percentage. Plateaued last week and came across this post and decided to give it a go. I’ve seen slow carbing and now this as self experiments. Wanted to try these different approaches out and see how they work for me.

    Started following this plan on Sunday dinner (including stopping all supplements). I ate primarily raw spinach, steamed brocolli, sauteed cabbage, sauteed mushrooms, grilled asparagus for my all veggie meals. Put a small drizzle of olive oil on each meal (tried eating it plain but found it extremely difficult to eat). I’ve already been drinking 100 oz of water a day so just continued with that. Starting Tuesday, I introduced organic grass-fed ground lean beef (with a tiny tiny sprinkle of sea salt) for breakfast and dinner. Starting Thursday, I introduced protein into all meals (still beef). As of this morning’s weigh in, lost exactly 6 pounds (so over the 5 days that I’ve been following this plan, it averages to 1.2 pounds a day, 3x the average loss of pounds a day over the slow carb diet). Am stopping early since I have lunch plans today and my slow carb diet cheat day is Saturdays so can’t miss that.

    One thing I did notice was that I found that my energy level tanked starting Wednesday evening. It still hasn’t rebounded. I first thought it might be from the lack of calories I was intaking Monday and Tuesday. But when I found myself still feeling low energy 2 days after introducing the beef, I wonder if it is the lack of carbs. Has anyone else experience this? Also noticed that I was getting hungry an hour or 2 before the next scheduled meal, this was happening even though I was eating myself full on vegetables (and even still with meat). I wasn’t experiencing this on the slow carb diet so it took some getting used to. Glad I tried it.

    I have a couple of trips planned in the next month so depending on how much I cheat during those, I might reintroduce this plan upon my return from them to get back into form.

    CW: Thanks for the feedback, great results. Some people feel lethargic, others immediately feel much better. Since you’ve been dieting it’s likely your body is pretty depleted of nutrients. This approach is more for people who’ve been overeating junk foods. If you try it again, drink some coconut water with a pinch of sea salt twice each day. And be sure to supplement with the essential minerals zinc, magnesium, etc at night.

  30. Chad,
    As far as squash – are all types permitted or is it better to stick to summer (yellow and zucchini)? Thanks a bunch

    CW: Any veggie will work.

  31. Can i eat any fruits during these 7 days?

    CW: You can have a palmful of berries once a day, but stick to veggies for the most part.

  32. I just started this today.. Had a bowl of broccoli and carrots for breakfast, and am now eating a bowl of green beans for lunch.. I have a question: Am I okay to use seasonings on this diet? I have been using pepper, garlic powder, and a minimal amount of sea salt. Is that okay? I also got the balsamic dressing for when I make a salad. Thanks!!

    CW: Yes, that’s fine.

  33. Can the vegetables be raw, blended into a smoothie as long as I don’t add anything other than maybe a little watter? I hate carrots but sometimes I can choke them down in a smoothie mixed with celery and some other veggies. I didn’t see lettuce on the list. I assume a little romaine wouldn’t hurt with this diet right? I’d like if I could make one of my meals a salad mixed with other veggies. One more, why is balsamic vinegar and olive oil ok? Not that I’m upset about it. Haha.

    CW: The veggies can be any way you want them. Yes, lettuce of course is permitted since it’s a vegetable. It just doesn’t have a high density of nutrients so that’s why it’s not on the chosen list. A drizzle of olive oil/vinegar is ok.

  34. Sorry, one more thing. I’m doing a full body workout 3X/week. I was doing too many exercises before and kept making myself sick. Took a week off, about to get back in with maybe just eight exercises per visit. 4 compound, 4 isolation. Something along the lines of: overhead press or upright row, bench, row or pulldown, squat, tricep extension or curl, standing calf raises, seated or donkey calf raises (a little added volume has made the difference in my calf development), abs. Alternating the types of presses and rows and the rep scheme for each day. Something like mon 3×6, Wed 3X10, Fri 3X15. Definitely nothing to complete failure with this type of diet. Would this workout scheme be ok with this diet? Is it a little too much?

    CW: Yes, that’s way too much on this diet. This diet is about cleansing and fat loss. Other than a little cardio to get a good sweat going, anything else will make you overtrained.

  35. Hey Chad, have you had any problems with people rebounding back to the original weight afterwards? Like if I use this as an off week between strength phases, when I switch back to my regular diet (clean still, just more protein and fats) should I be able to still keep the fat off?

    CW: I haven’t had any clients do the WD for only a week so I can’t answer that. But if your regular diet is clean it shouldn’t be a problem.

  36. Chad,

    I know it’s technically not a vegetable, but how about jicama?

    CW: Sure you can use it.

  37. Hi,
    Loved the article on Ripped, 7 day meal plan. Im in a 50 day transformation contest. Is this something to follow for 7 weeks or the last few weeks

    CW: Not 7 weeks, 7 DAYS. This is a short term approach to reduce inflammation, and give the organs a break.

  38. Hi, just wanted to know when eating the eggs is it the whole egg or just the egg whites, would it be ok do a light weight session followed by light cardio?


    CW: Definitely the whole egg. The yoke contains the best parts of an egg.

    Yes, any light activity is fine.

  39. I train around 8 pm in the evening, do I have my last meal before training or after

    CW: After.

  40. Hey chad was wondering if i can use hemp oil instead of olive

    CW: Yes.

  41. Hi Chad, I know above it said no Supplements but I was wondering if Carlson’s Omega 3 would be alright?

    CW: You can add that in each day. It makes the whole process easier for some people when a little fat is added.

  42. Can avocados be added or healthy fats in general in day 1?

    CW: A little fish oil is ok, but that’s it. You’ll get fat from your protein source in subsequent days. Remember, this is a psuedo fast.

  43. Hey Chad can i have some oats for breakfast and a cup of coffee instead of the vegetables in the morning , i always have some thing hot in the morning to start my day

    CW: It’s not ideal. The purpose of this plan is to load your body with veggies.

  44. Hi

    I’m on day 3 of the plan, going well so far. Couple of questions…

    Are tinned plum tomato’s ok? and how about tomato juice?

    Also, I’m going to make a vegetable soup, are stock cubes acceptable?

    Many thanks.

    CW: All of that is fine.

  45. This sounds like an amazing program !
    After completing this for a week, would it be okay to continue days 5-7 with pre,post workout meals as my regular diet and then cycle the diet once a month to jump start my metabolism ?.

    Thanks in advanced !

    CW: You can do this plan once every 6 weeks. No more. Add fish oil in next time.

  46. Chad,
    I am starting day 5 of the diet today but my results have been so ridiculous i had to post my results today. For some background i am an elite level sprinter training for the 2012 Olympics in the 400m. I stand 6’2″ and was 196lbs when i started this diet on tue. I have no reason to get “shredded” because i was already very lean but i was rehabbing a hamstring injury this week and wanted to try out the diet since my workouts wouldn’t be so intense this week. This morning before my deadlift workout i weighed in at 188! I was blown away being that i ate very clean before this diet and didnt think i had that much to lose. Not to mention i have been sleeping like a baby the past 4 days and my hamstring has felt great all week. The ONLY issue i have had is feeling hungry as hell since im use to a lot more calories due to my intense training and the fat kid that lives inside of me was hungry. I’ll also add my girlfriend is doing it with me as she prepares for the Miss New Jersey pageant on June 18th and she looks unreal in the last 4 days as well.

    So i guess to some it up your diet is awesome. Thanks for sharing and ill report my final weight on monday when im done.

    In speed,
    Tyrone Ross

    CW: Awesome!

  47. Hey so I have several questions before i start tomorrow…
    ~can I buy canned veggies with no salt added?
    ~Can I drink diet green tea/diet soda?
    ~the days I eat protein can I eat turkey bacon, turkey pepperonni, turkey hotdogs etc and add just a tad of cheese to my eggs or a teaspoon of mayo to my boiled eggs?
    ~can I have berries? I work night shift on the weekends so what do you recommend I eat then? I am up all day friday with my son then I work all night friday nights so I eat during the day and then at night at work.
    ~what should I do to keep the weight off after the week of the diet? I work out a LOT and I cannot seem to loose any weight I dont know If I am gaining more muscle, but I want to flatten my belly/tone my body and work so hard and nothing seems to work. What do you suggest to get really tone etc? I do weights and I run/stair climb/bike 4-5 times a week for about 1 1/2 hours!!! Thanks for ANY advice!!!

    1. Canned veggies are ok, but fresh is better.
    2. Green tea is best.
    3. Yes, all those protein sources are fine.
    4. A handful of berries a few times each day is fine.

  48. After 7 days I lost 11 pounds abd 2.5 inhes off my waist…this diet is awesome I have tried so many and this one worked the best by far!!!! I am going to contiune eating all the veggies and lean proteins I feel so much better!!! What do you recommend now that the 7 days is over so that I can contiune to loose weight? Can I have any carbs, what about greek yogurt thats high in protein? Thanks!!!

    CW: Eat clean foods 3-4 times each day and stop before you’re full. Greek yogurt is fine. Check out the Warrior Diet for a good plan to stay lean.

  49. Hi Chad,
    I prefer to stir fry my veggies or grill them (using cooking spray). Your diet says raw or steamed….is stir fry or grilling ok?

    CW: Yes, that’s ok.

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