Build Big Triceps Fast

To make fast progress you must focus on the areas that give you the greatest return. When it comes to building big arms, the triceps are the shareholders with the most power. After all, they make up two-thirds of your upper arm girth. Every guy wants big biceps because he wants big arms, but doing curls all day won’t get the job done as quickly as building up your triceps.
John Cena has absolutely massive arms. Having seen him in person I can say that most pictures, believe it or not, don’t give those guns any justice. One of the reasons his upper arms are so huge is because his triceps’ girth is nothing short of extraordinary.
Not only do impressively large triceps look cool but they’re also essential for physical prowess. Throwing a hard punch in the ring or pushing your opponent away on the field rely heavily on the strength of your triceps. And as any good lifter knows, adding quality meat to your muscles boost their ability to produce more force.
The problem with many triceps exercises is they can be very hard on the elbow joints. This is especially true with isolation exercises that limit movement at the elbows. The triceps, by design, are intended to work with the shoulder joint. Punching, pushing, and throwing work the shoulder and elbow joints together, and in perfect harmony. Don’t get me wrong, exercises such as a lying triceps extension with dumbbells has its place and can be very beneficial.
However, the one of the best triceps exercises I’ve ever used is a close hand position push-up with the feet elevated on a Swiss Ball. I like to call this a “triceps push-up” since it works your triceps harder than just about anything else.

Perform 5 sets of as many reps as possible every three days and your triceps will get bigger and stronger faster than ever before. Keep your abs tight and don’t try to go fast at first. This exercise is tougher than it looks!
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