Huge in a Hurry Clarified

In December of 2008 my book, Huge in a Hurry, was released by Rodale publishing. The book has been a big success with tens of thousands of copies sold, and multiple translated versions around the world. If you’re someone who purchased the book, I really appreciate the support.

And if you haven’t picked up a copy, I feel it’s one of the best resources to explain the science of heavy or fast lifting to build a bigger, stronger, leaner body. I’m biased, of course, but considering the quality of this 354-page, full-color book I think it’s a steal at less than $17.

Now that the book has been out of quite some time, I’ve compiled a ton of feedback. Whenever I write an article or book, it’s my job to clearly explain my points and, most importantly, to outline the workouts in a way that leaves little room for confusion.

Given the plethora of feedback I’ve received, apparently some workout descriptions weren’t as crystal clear as they should have been. Furthermore, there are a handful of cable exercises that people don’t have access to so I want to outline some alternatives.

So I’m going to take this opportunity to clarify some of the confusion reader’s have had. It’s likely that if you had a question it’s going to be covered in the following explanations.

Program Design: Most of the training phases in the book consist of three separate workouts (although, the high frequency training phases have more). Nevertheless, each workout corresponds to a letter. For example, the Get Big phase consists of workouts A, B, and C. Each workout is performed on a different day throughout a 7-day cycle. Here’s an example:

Monday – Workout A
Wednesday – Workout B
Friday – Workout C

Then, in the upper right corner of the Get Big program it says “perform each workout four times.” That statement has created quite a bit of confusion. It translates into “perform this program for four weeks.”

In the Get Big Phase Ia (unloading) week it says “perform each workout once.” That unloading phase lasts one week. So you’ll do Workouts A, B, and C once during a 7-day cycle, and then move on to the next phase.

Speaking of the Get Big program, there’s a typo on page 106. The load for Workout C should be heavy not light. So you’ll start with a 4-6RM and perform 25 total reps with 60-second rest periods for all Workout C exercises. Many people wondered why I’d prescribe 25 total reps with a load you could lift for 22 reps the first set. No wonder they were confused. This has caused me many sleepless nights because I didn’t catch the mistake in the final overview before it went to printing. If you happen to have a later version without the typo on page 106, consider yourself lucky.

There’s one other error in the book, but isn’t a big deal. On page 110 the first exercise in Workout B shows a cable standing one-arm external rotation but the exercise description reads “cable standing one-arm mid-pulley row, palm up.” Which one is correct? Either will work but the description coincides with my original exercise choice. So if you want to be precise, perform the exercise shown on page 214 (#5) for the first exercise in Workout B on page 110 instead of the external rotation.

If you have the book, you probably already know that I’m a big fan of cable exercises. The reason is because a cable allows you to manipulate the line of resistance, unlike free weights in which the line of resistance is always straight down. Plus, cables allow for natural movement patterns, much like free weights do.

However, many people don’t have access to cables. I should’ve put an alternative free weight exercise next to each cable exercise, but I didn’t. You know what they say about hindsight.

So here’s the complete list of cable exercises with an alternative for each.

Upper-Body Pulls
All lat pulldown exercises >>> do a pull-up with the same hand position instead. If you need assistance with the pull-up, place your feet on a bench in front of you to reduce the load you have to lift.

All one-arm pulldown exercises >>> do a one-arm dumbbell row with the same hand/elbow position instead.

All cable row variations >>> do a dumbbell row with the same hand/elbow position instead. This will be a one-arm or two-arm dumbbell row depending on the workout.

All face pull exercises >>> do a dumbbell row with external rotation while lying facedown on a 45 degree incline bench instead. This will be a one-arm or two-arm row with external rotation depending on the workout.

Upper-Body Pushes
Cable standing chest press >>> Push-up (any variation)
Explanation: let’s say a workout calls for a load that allows no more than 22 reps the first set. Use a push-up variation that you can’t do more than 22 times. That might be a regular push-up, a push-up with your feet elevated, a push-up off a Swiss ball, or a clap push-up. Any will work.

Cable standing one-arm chest press >>> Dumbbell one-arm bench press

Cable squat >>> Dumbbell or barbell Romanian deadlift

Cable woodchop >>> Perform the same movement with a resistance band attached to a sturdy object or hold a medicine ball and do the same movement that’s prescribed

Specialty Exercises
Cable one-arm triceps pushdown >>> Dumbbell decline one-arm triceps extension

Cable hip/knee extension >>> Reverse lunge or step-up

Moving on…

In the Get Lean program, each workout ends with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). For example, in Workout A you’ll complete 20 total reps for the four strength exercises followed by 10 minutes’ worth of HIIT.

Finally, many people have asked if they need to do the Get Ready program, a three-week program that’s recommended before you start any program in the book. I was adamant in the book that you need to do it. However, I’ll modify that answer.

If you’ve performed any of my workouts in publications such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, or T-nation, you can jump straight into any program in the book. But if that’s not the case, it’s best to start with the Get Ready program.

Got any other questions about Huge in a Hurry that need to be cleared up? Post them here and I’ll be sure to answer them.

Stay focused,

155 thoughts on “Huge in a Hurry Clarified

  1. Chad,

    I’ve got one more question for you. As I am doing the HIAH workout program, should I also take a multivitamin like Animal Pak or Opti-Men, or should I just rely on getting all of the nutrients I need from the foods that I eat? Thanks!


    CW: There’s little need for a multi if you eat all the foods I list in HIAH. However, I like Biotest’s Superfood or MegaFood’s once daily multi to fill in any potential nutritional gaps.

  2. another quick question, am i too young to take creatine since im only 15?? if so, what could i use to speed up muscle recovery??

    CW: 5 grams of creatine once each day should be fine at your age.

  3. I’m considering doing your 10×3 for fat loss program and had a question about it: i am 155 pounds, so what and when should i eat on the days i dont workout, and what and when should i eat the days i do workout??? (and should i take whey protein before and after i workout???)

    thank you so much!!!!

    CW: The way you should eat for fat loss is covered in my book, Huge in a Hurry. You can get it on Amazon for only $16.

  4. Oh Crap! I thought maybe I was not putting enough effort in this program. Now I see that the Get Big (phase1) there was a typo. Great? I feel like I wasted 4 weeks of my life. Hope no one else makes the same mistake. Are you sure theres no other typos?

    CW: No other typos. And even with that typo, it’s still an effective plan, but Workout C wasn’t as high in intensity as it should have been. Move on to GEB program and you’ll see great results.

  5. hi mr waterbury
    as advised,i am following the workouts to the letter and so far everything is panning out great,i am losing fat and gaining strength.
    in the book it’s said to take every 16th week off,however if someone has to attend a training camp or something similar, what is the longest lay-off that’s acceptable in between phases (for example between get lean phase 1 and get lean phase 2) before starting again.

    CW: Since you’ll be training at camp during your “layoff” it’s not really rest. Therefore, you can pick up with the HIAH programs anytime.

  6. Hi Chad!
    I injured my wrist doing high pulls before, is there a substitute exercise I could perform? My wrist is almost completely healed. Should I just try and relearn the technique?

    CW: Do the exercise with dumbbells since it allows for natural wrist rotation. Start light and work up the weight based on how your wrists feel.

  7. Thank you and, what is the longest acceptable “layoff” that can be taken in between phases because of injury or vacation or any other such engagement which don’t require a lot of physical exercise?
    just out of curiosity as i am planning to take a trip to kerela for some serious rest and relaxation as soon my job allows it.

    CW: The longest layoff should be as short as possible. If you’re injured or on vacation, it depends on how long either is. I mean, if I said 7 days is the longest layoff and your vacation is 10 days, you’d lay off for 10 days anyway. Overall though, try to go no more than a week without training, unless you’re dealing with a severe injury.

  8. Hi Chad,

    I’m in the second week of Get Big. Yesterday, for workout A, it took eleven sets to hit the target of 25 reps in the decline bench press. My sets were as follows: 6, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1. Chin-ups followed a similar pattern. I can usually hit my target for lower-body exercises in about 6 sets, but my upper body has always taken longer to recover from a set. Including warm-up sets, my workouts are taking over an hour. Would it be acceptable to lower the weight 5-10% between sets to keep reps in the target range, thereby reducing the number of sets required to hit the target?


    CW: Yes, lower the load slightly to get more reps in later sets. Your muscles will adapt and then you can get more reps in a few weeks with heavier (original) load.

  9. Chad – love the program, in Get Big. Currently only taking Whey with water pre and post workouts. Going to add raisins today and creatine.

    Regarding additional supplements: Fish-oil, GLAs? BCAAs? Creatine. I’m confused. Can you comment on what’s helpful, essential or crap?


    CW: If it’s in the book, it’s helpful. If it were crap I wouldn’t mention it. The “essential” supplement is fish oil. GLA, BCAA, and creatine aren’t mandatory but they’ll help.

  10. Chad,

    I have followed ori hofmeklers warrior diet for a few months now and have taken his advice on losing “stubborn fat”. no matter what i do i cant seem to get rid of it! here’s a look at my training routine:

    Every other day: sprint 30 second then jog for about 2 minutes, then do 30 jump squats, then jump rope for a few minutes.
    I’m just wondering if i’m training wrong? my diet seems to be fine. i follow his eating rules bit by bit.

    Whats your thought on eating after the overeating phase? is it ok i snack on fruits or whole foods? or do you suggest no snacking after the overeating phase?

    Any extra advice on how to lose my stubborn fat would be great becuase im at the point where it just seems absolutely impossible to lose! i look lean as a person but once i take my shirt off ii have a pear looking shaped body ( but you can still see the muscle) i just wanna get rid of all that excess estrogen!


    CW: First of all, you need upper body work. Add in push-ups, pull-ups (place feet on chair if you need assistance), handstand push-ups, and the like. Or pick up Huge in a Hurry and do the upper body strength exercises from there, in addition to your current workout.

    Second, for your evening meal focus on doing a salad, followed by protein, followed by fat (avocado, nuts, etc). Stay away from carbs for a week and see how that helps.

    Finally, take CDG EstroDIM by Ortho Molecular. Take one pill 3x/day for a week and see if that helps. If so, keep taking it but taper off to one pill 2x/day after 2 weeks.

  11. Chad, great book and thanks for still answering questions from this post. I get something new out of HIAH every time I crack it open. Two question for you please.
    #1. Question on orphan reps. Is it really necessary to wait the full rest time just to do one or two more reps, or could I just cut that rest time in half or even less?
    #2. For your HFT program, rather than working out AM and PM could I just workout 6 days a week (Day 1 AM, Day 2 PM, etc.)? Thanks again, look forward to your response.

    CW: For less demanding exercises (arm exercises, etc) you can cut down on rest to get orphan reps. For more demanding exercises, the full rest period should be followed to get the most speed for the last few reps.

    Working out 6 days per week doesn’t work as well as 2 sessions per day, 3 days per week. But try it and see how you do.

  12. Chad,
    I’m in week 4 of Get Big. Last week I managed 6 reps in my first set with 175 pounds in the decline bench press. I added 5 pounds today, and managed only 1 rep! My chin-ups were also a struggle, so I called it quits after the bench. I feel like I still haven’t recovered from last Friday’s workout. I’m eating enough to have gained 4 pounds in the last 3 weeks, I take DHA, BCAAs before and after workout, etc. What should I do? Help!

    CW: This is just one of the peaks and valleys amongst any training plan. Don’t worry if you have a bad workout – stick to the plan as prescribed and you’ll get great results.

  13. Hello Chad

    So should i stretch out before or after my protein shake when im done working out?

    CW: Do the stretches outlined in HIAH directly after your workouts, then have your protein shake. And yes, you can stretch again after the shake if you feel you need it.

  14. Hey Chad!
    In the Get Lean program you mention the importance of working up a sweat. You then gave a sample routine of jumping rope for 5minutes and then performing squat thrusts for another 5mintues for a total of 10 minutes. Do I perform this before I start each of the Get Lean workout days or as HIIT after lifting?


    CW: That sequence is best performed at the end of a workout since it’s fatiguing.

  15. chad,

    i got a few questions here, is it ok that i do 100 pushups a day during the HIAH program? or will it slow down my muscle builiding process?

    Is it ok that i do sprints, pushups, jump squats, etc. on days i dont lift? or will that as well slow down my muscle building process.


    CW: Yes to both.

  16. chad,

    could i do sprints during the “Big Back, Big Chest, Real Fast”, and still get the same results? or will it slow down me building muscle through the 3 weeks. if i cant do sprints then whats a way i can burn fat within those 3 weeks while doing this program?

    CW: 10-15 minutes worth of sprints 3x/week won’t slow muscle growth.

  17. Hi Chad,

    I just finished week 8 of Get Big and am very pleased… definately seeing positive changes, strength increases and muscle growth… plus I really enjoy the workouts. Once I complete the 15th week I plan to take a week off and rest… maybe even try your vegetable diet that week. I want to continue to see strength and mass gains, but the 2 workouts/day in the total body HFT Get Even Bigger program may be difficult with my schedule. Could I repeat the Get Big program and expect gains?


    CW: Yes, you can repeat the Get Big and reap more gains because you’ll be able to lift heavier weights the second time around. Follow the Warrior Diet if you need fat loss.

  18. Hi Chad,

    I love your book HIAH and Ive seen great results. I’ve done Get Big and Get Strong program twice. My question is about the Get Strong program. I feel like Get Strong doesn’t get me as tired or is as demanding as the Get Big program. Should I maybe lower the rest time between sets or maybe add a fourth exercise to the Get Strong program since ive already done the Get Strong program before?

    CW: Get Strong is not about making you tired, it’s about making you strong. Hypertrophy requires more fatigue than strength training. Don’t change the Get Strong program. As you mentioned, you got great results with it as is.

  19. Hi Chad,
    Love the program. I’m at the end of the Get Big phase. During the 15 weeks, I went on vacation for 2 weeks and did not lift. So, I’m wondering if I should still take the week off before going on to Get Strong?

    CW: No need to take a week off.

  20. Hi. I purchased Huge In A Hurry and am currently doing the Get Ready routine. This is probably a dumb question, but i would hate to get started with your routines doing them the wrong way. On days with medium weight (10-12 RM) should my first set be around 10-12 reps or would the increased lifting speed (more intensity) cause the speed of the lift to fail around the sixth rep as it does for heavier days?

    CW: Don’t overthink the reps and speed. You should get 10-12 reps for the first set with a relatively steady (but not purposely slower) tempo. If you only do 6 reps for the first set the load is too heavy.

  21. Thanks for answering so quickly! Also, I was wondering if you think it would be a good idea to incorporate the PLP program every day while doing first the Get Ready program and then the Get Big program. My main goal is to put on more muscle fast, and my secondary goal is to improve recovery.

    CW: That’s probably too much work at first, unless you’re already in really good shape. Save the PLP for after you’ve done Get Big for 4 weeks. If you’ve been training hard, skip the Get Ready program.

  22. Chad

    I’m on my first week of get ready and was wondering, should i expect any muscle gain with this 3 week program?
    And after I’m done, should my meal consist of high carb foods such as beans and yams? or stick to fruits?
    And last of all, is body of fire still up for sale? I feel like I’ve done absolutely everything in my power to lose this stubborn fat but nothing seems to work and i have great confidence that your program will work.


    CW: If you’re new to training, you can expect gains with Get Ready. If you’ve done a lot of training you can skip that part. For fat loss, it’s all about nutrition. Follow the Warrior Diet to lose fat.

  23. My gym doesn’t have a decline bench with uprights and my attempt at converting the flat bench to a declined one didn’t go so well. Should I do decline bench press with dumbbells or am I better off doing dips?

    CW: Decline bench with DBs is good. Dips are a fine alternative, too.

  24. Hey Chad

    I’ve done “get ready”, “get big”, “get stronger”. Im already lean so i don’t want to do the “get lean” program and i don’t have time to do the ” get even” programs, so can i repeat “get big” or what do you suggest?

    CW: Yes, you can repeat Get Big and Get Stronger. You’ll keep getting results because your training load will be higher the second time around due to increased strength.

  25. 1-could i do the warrior diet with HIAH? or will I not gain as much muscle?
    2-Should I do cardio in the morning or is that not good for the warrior diet?
    3-when should i take my creatine?

    thank you so much!!!

    CW: 1) Yes, you can do the WD with HIAH but you won’t gain as much muscle.
    2) No cardio in the morning if muscle growth is your primary goal. If it’s fat loss, do it in the morning.
    3) Post workout as outlined in HIAH.

  26. another quick question,
    Should i still eat 1 gram of protein per body pound?
    What should my carbs look like?

    CW: Yes, if you’re eating many meals per day. Probably not if you’re on the WD. For the WD just eat as much protein as you can in the main meal. Have a scoop of protein post workout. Carbs should be complex: oatmeal, quinoa, rice, potato, etc.

  27. Hi Chad,

    Wonderful book, love the details in the routine, nutrition and how-to do the exercise!

    I am a bit nervous when doing a super-heavy sets, especially on decline bench-press or squats.
    I am often exercising without a spotter.

    Is it as effective if I swap super-heavy with Heavy on 6 reps?

    Many thanks

    CW: For the supramaximal hold you can do a floor press at lockout instead of the decline. Hold a heavy barbell at the top position of a deadlift instead of a squat. Keep everything else in the workout the same.

  28. Chad,

    You mentioned performing your HIAH workouts as circuits in your book. Do you still recommend performing the HIAH workouts as circuits (keeping rest periods between sets)?


    CW: Yes, circuits are always best since they allow more rest before repeating an exercise. This allows you to train with heavier weights.

  29. Chad,

    Do you have any suggestions for vegetarians?

    CW: You can use soy since it’s one of your only options. Also, eat plenty of beans and rice. Finally, supplement your protein needs with Sun Warrior Vegan protein. You can find Sun Warrior at this link

  30. I’ve been working out for about 4 months now. (I didn’t come upon this book until last week). I haven’t noticed many gains in size but I’ve gained a lot of strength. Do you recommend I start on Get big, or get even bigger, etc?

    CW: Yes, start with the Get Big program. Keep in mind, the workouts provide the stimulus – you MUST follow the diet in the book to gain a lot of muscle.

  31. Is it alright to add ONE basic bicep exercises (i.e. hammer curl, cable curls, etc.) about 3 sets of 10 reps on days where you aren’t working out your bicep. It just feels weird if I don’t. (I’m currently on the second week of Get Big)

    Also, is it alright to do about 50 pushups ever day (Monday-Friday) for a better chest? Thanks.

    CW: Sure, one biceps exercise won’t hurt anything. Yes, daily push-ups are great.

  32. Hey chad. Im finishing get lean and am impressed with gains of strength but im getting too strong on dips…. I cant use much more weight on my weight belt…it wont fit in between my legs. Today I dipped 205 and I dont know how to continue. I really like dips but might need to subsitute? Thanks for any advice you can give.

    CW: First, make sure you’re working through a full range of motion. Most guys who can dip a ton of weight are only doing a partial range of motion. However, substitutes for the dip are the close grip decline bench or even the barbell seated partial shoulder press (page 236). The latter doesn’t work the chest but it’s awesome for the triceps/shoulders.

  33. hey chad just after getting the hiah book. really like it about to start the get ready then get big program. only problem is i train mma once a week. training consist of pretty much doing as much press ups sit ups bag work jogging on spot etc till you cant go any further so its fairly intense. should i have the mma training on one of my rest days or should i drop out one of the workouts of the program and do the mma training instead of that. im quiet a skinny guy if that makes any difference and my main goal is to get big and strong. thanks in advance chad

    CW: That type of training once per week is fine to add into the program without subtracting any HIAH workouts.

  34. thanks chad. say if i do the workouts monday wednesday friday. what would be the ideal day to do the mma training

    CW: Do MMA at least 6 hours away from weight training or on a different day. If you do MMA on the same day as weights be sure you have a good recovery drink between the two workouts.

  35. Great book. I like how the workouts are challenging, but can be done in a reasonable amount of time, with minimal soreness later on. I had a few questions:

    1. To add weight for chinups and dips, is an X-vest as good as a chin/dip belt?

    2. To substitute for the cable exercises, would I be better off using the free weight substitutes you’ve listed above, or instead the same cable exercise but using resistance tubing/bands?

    3. I’m not sure I understand the difference in progression plans for the Get Big and Get Strong phases, as described on page 58, since both use increasing weights each week.

    4. Are there any stretches/mobility/prehab/etc. exercises you like to stick into rest periods?
    Thanks, and thanks for a great book.

    CW: 1. Yes, a vest is best. 2. Use bands. 3. All workouts focus on increased loads once you get extra reps in the first set. 4. I do mobility before, stretches after, as outlined in the book.

  36. Hello Chad

    I’m currently using the diet for hardgainer and it suggest protein, bcaa and kreatin before workout, but how long before workout, should i take these things. ?


    CW: 10-15 minutes.

  37. Chad,
    I’m a 50-year old male who has been lifting for fifteen years, but only in the past few years have I started using routimes that have been far more effective than what I previously did. I recently came across your book, bought it, and am eager to start your program. One question I have concerns the cable machine exercises. My schedule only allows me to workout at home, but I have a very complete set of weight equipment , including a Hoist Lat Pulldown/Low Row machine. The low row part is not that low, and with a little “engineering,” I can safely get the low row pulley to sit just above my knee cap, but cannot get it even with my mid-section.

    Now my question. For the exercises that call for you to stand and do mid-level rows, is it better to do the rows even though the pulley is not mid-level? Does it really matter that the pulley is just above my kneecap, or does it need to be at mid level? Should I kneel instead of stand, so that the pulley will be at my mid-section? Or should I just do the dumbbell row version instead? I guess what I’m asking is, which one will allow me to best involve all the additional muscles and joints that help me achieve the full-body workout that you mean for this exercise to achieve?

    CW: Don’t worry about the exact angle for the line of resistance. Rowing from all angles is good.

  38. Chad I have a question regards the rep scheme that you prescribe for many of your workouts and especially HIAH and the article on T-Nation “Thirty Reps To Bigger Muscles”. I love the idea of just doing an exercise in as many sets that you need to arrive at the final subscribed number as it means you never really fail to hit the target. However is there a difference in outcome using the various ways you can achieve the total? Would going eyeballs out for the first set and nearing failure ( but still avoiding failure ) followed by a series of less intense sets yield the same effect as a more conservative approach throughout the exercise as long as the target number is ultimately reached? Also what if I were to deliberately attempt to do the exercise with varying intensity throughout, say, the first set near failure, second and third set less intense keeping well in check before another set near to failure? I could alter the structure of every workout by deciding beforehand what sets I will give full intensity and those sets to keep it in check.

    CW: Don’t overthink this too much. The key is to get 30 challenging reps. How close you go to failure on any set isn’t as important as getting the 30 reps and consistently increasing the load over time.

  39. Chad,
    I have been following the programs in HIAH and loving them.
    Unfortunately, my schedule is changing for the next 6 months or so and I will only be able to manage working out 2x per week.
    Should I just skip one of 3 the workouts per week or just extend the time it takes to complete the 3 worouts (10-11 days instead of 7 to complete the 3 workouts). Or should I do a different program entirely – and if so, what would you recommend?)

    CW: Yes, extend the time between workouts.

  40. Hi Chad,
    First of all I think it’s awesome how timely you reply to questions and that you even take the time to do it! I am entering phase 3 of Get Big and was wondering if there was a substitute for the power clean, I feel like my form isn’t right, should I just stick with it and try to get the hang of it or is there an easier substitute?

    ALSO for GET EVEN BIGGER HFT for total body would it be acceptable to workout everyday instead of going to the gym 2x in a day?

    Keep up the awesome work! with your “let the sets and reps take care of themselves” mentality I can’t look at other programs the same anymore!

    CW: Do the high pull instead. For Get Even Bigger it’s much more effective to train twice on the recommended days, that’s why the even exercises require little to no equipment. Do your best to train twice or give your everyday option a try – however, that’s not ideal.

  41. Chad,

    I picked up HIAH and im wondering now how can I incorporate this to my Muay Thai training? because in the book it says to workout atleast 3 days a week with rests in between. What if I train 3-4x in my Muay Thai? how will i adjust the programs given in the book?


    CW: Good question. For hard training fighters I recommend two full body workouts per week. So you can follow the Get Big program and simply add more days of rest between workouts. Do workout A on Monday, workout B on Thursday, then workout C the following Monday, as an example.

  42. Hi Chad,

    great book. I’ve the German version and I’m not sure, if there is maybe a mistake in a description. In the get even bIgger workout “d”, it says 30 reps with heavy weight (4-6). Is that correct? Cause in the other afternoon workouts, it is always middle weight (10-12). And one further question to get even bigger workout “b”: it says in the morning, but it has to be in the afternoon, right?

    Thanks so far!

    CW: That’s correct because I increased the volume in that workout.

  43. Hey chad! Your book has helped me gain 12 lbs since august!. I just had a question. I am going to be starting the hft for arms in january and i see that there are hft’s for the rest of the body. Im not exactly following how you set those up into the plan. and also if you don’t recommend doing 2 hft’s in a row what part of the book should i move on to? get strong then go back?

    CW: Great to hear you’re gaining muscle. Read pages 142-143 carefully because that’s where I explain how to do HFT for any body part.

  44. Hi Chad.
    I finished the phase of Get Big, and download the latest phase of says to take a week off before starting another training program. My question is: do I have to redo the Get Ready to resume training?. I’ve been browsing through the rest of the book, and I see the other programs that weekly rest there at the end, only what I read in the last stage download Get Big. ¿Demo assume that at other stages there is no bye week?.
    P. S. excuse my English. I am writing from Peru ….

    CW: No, you never need to repeat Get Ready.

  45. Hey Chad,

    I am a little confused about the timeline of the entire program. I know we should be able to do the basics (Get Ready, Get Big, Get Strons, and Get Lean) in four months. However, to me it seems like the three phases in the Get Big Program lasts for at least 12 weeks…am I correct in my thinking? How should I correctly do the entire program and keep it within 4 months while getting respectable results. I’m currently in Week 1 of the Get Big Phase 1 (Workout C). thanks for any info you are able to give!


    CW: Each Get Big phase lasts 5 weeks: 4 weeks of hard training followed by 1 unloading week.

  46. Hey Chad,

    I have another question…should I only take creatine on my training days or should I also take creatine on my non-training days as well?

    CW: You can take 5 grams each day.

  47. Hi Chad,

    I wanted to incorporate more conventional deadlifts into the later phases of Get Big and Get Strong on either the Heavy or Superheavy days. I wouldn’t substitute the squat movements for them, but rather like RDLs instead. I wanted to know if this is feasible recovery-wise and if there are any other other substitutions to make so I’m not overdoing it.


    CW: Yes, you can replace a squat variation with a deadlift variation.

  48. Hi Chad,
    i really like your book. I’ve never had that great results that I have now with any other workout! Thank you!
    Now I’m at the end of Get Big Phase 2 and I have a question: I’m struggling to do some of the super-heavy exercises. If I perform them with the perfect form, I feel like I could do much more than 2-3 reps in the first set but if I add some weight, I can’t keep up the good form.
    Now if I do them with less weight but with a good form, I feel like loosing the effect of super-heavy sets.

    Keep up the good work!

    CW: Never sacrifice form to add weight. Keep strict form and you’ll get the results you need.

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